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                                      NTC Custom Carriages

NTC Cinderella Carriages are custom built right in our facility in Ohio. Each carriage can carry 6 adults in the bench seating within the ball. The driver area is roomy enough for 2 and has a footmens step on the back if needed. All wheels and springs are made in Ohio and Amish built. The carriage design features hearts and scrolled pieces to enhance the overall design. Lanterns adorn the sides to provide extra lighting and visibility. Atop the ball sits a crown that can easily be removed for storage and cleaning. When designing your Cinderella carriage you choose the powder coat or paint color and seat color. You can also work with us to add features that make driving and riding more comfortable and user friendly. Our horse drawn carriages have been used for private weddings as well as carriage companies throughout the U.S.A.

cinderella ed and jess.jpg

 Features of the Carriages


Footman's Step


Custom Control panel added:

2- USB ports 1 amp and 2 amp

charge capabilities

1- 12 volt lighter charge port

1- Digital volt meter

3- Light control switches

1- Large drink holder

carriage seating.jpg

 Round seating with 2" foam cushion under in your choice of color inside the ball allows for 6 adults to sit comfortably.



Teardrop LED lighting


Lanterns on the side are included. Battery fits under the seat and there is storage space.

Rein Rail front edge has a custom built tray to hold cell phone and other small items a driver need.

         Custom Modifications


Custom Built rollers were added to this sleigh so it can be used on or off snow.

When you are ready to order your carriage contact Ed at 937-726-0845 or email us at We can discuss the pricing and options that you may like in your carriage. 

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