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The LIL FATZ model features a 20" front wheel

Truely a hot design on and off the track. This Chassis is designed with racing in mind but is a show stopper when you are doing 360's and 720's. 


Base Model Includes:

  •  Choice of Two-Colors of Powder Coating (single stage only- Black-White-Red-Blue-Orange-Yellow-Purple-Medium Dark Green-Lime Green-Silver Flake-Fez Red)
  • Vinyl Graphic Decals placed on Forks and sides of Trike
  • 1/2 ” Thick Foam Seat Bottom and 1/2” Foam Back
  • 6.5HP Stock Gas Engine with stock muffler (Engine Color is Satin Black) (1yr. Warranty)
  • Aluminum Twist Throttle
  • Stock Centrifugal Clutch 
  • Custom Gearing to fit each Drivers Weight
  • Hardened Steel Rear Axle
  • Spherical Axle Bearings and Billet CNC Bearing Mounting Blocks
  • Two-Piece Quick-Change Rear Sprocket
  • Billet CNC Aluminum Sprocket Hub with Dual Pinch Bolt Design
  • Billet CNC Aluminum Disc Brake Hub
  • Steel Rear Disc Brake Rotor
  • Front and Rear Hydraulic Brakes
  •  6” Rear Aluminum Wheels
  • 20” Front Wheel 
  • Billet CNC Aluminum Wheel Hubs
  • Pre-Lubed #35 Chain
  • Handlebar Kill Switch
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