Powder Coating

Noble armor coatings now offers a variety of powder & ceramic coat options. 

NAC is certified powder applicator and strives to complete each product with pride and quality work.

We use only the highest quality powder coat products from the best companies in the USA.

Noble Armor Coatings, offers full service coatings that includes: a variety of powder coating, ceramic coating, Chrome Ceramic, Cerakote coatings and enteral engine coatings. We maintain quality from start to finish. Our services include media blasting and chemical stripping. This process ensures all foreign material is removed which allows for the greatest adhesion. 

*Car Rims     * Engine Pipes       *Engine Blocks     *Turbo     *Valve covers

*Cabinet Door Handles        *Porch Railings     *Diesel Stacks   *Bumpers   *Patio Furniture     *Go Kart Frames   *Motorcycle Frames     *Motorcycle Fenders  *Oil Pans

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