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The Drifter PRO 

​​The Drifter PRO is the industry leader in design, durability and is race proven. Each chassis is designed to withstand the most demanding forces without failure, our test chassis is still going today after countless hours of drifting, wheelies and even a few other maneuvers we probably shouldn't make public.

Our chassis are extremely tough, yet flexible enough to perform. We currently are testing 475lb. loads on this chassis, so far we have two thumb up!  Keep in mind, The Drifter PRO is rated for a 250lb -300lb person and is built accommodate most any size rider.

When properly set-up, the Drifter PRO handles like a finely tuned race car. 


Engine- Stock 6.5HP       OPTIONAL UPGRADES:  9.5HP, 14HP, 18HP

Drive Axle Assembly- Aluminum or Steel axle with precision milled billet aluminum bearing housings, wheel hubs and sprocket hub.

Wheels- Aluminum

Brakes- Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes,  Foot or Hand Operated Master Cylinders available

Clutch- Stock Centrifugal Dry Clutch, Upgrade to Adjustable Shoe Clutch or Adjustable Disc Clutch

Seat- Drifter PRO Stock seat is fitted with 3" foam core, Standard vinyl seat colors available 

Seat Height- Both Low and High seat designs available

Front Wheel- 26"

Rear Wheels- 6x11

Speed- Stock Governed 25MPH,  Governor bypass 35+ MPH 

Throttle Type- Billet CNC Twist or Billet CNC Thumb

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