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noble Custom Wedding Carriages

NTC is a family based company driven by the desire to design and fabricate items that set us apart from others. 

Our first carriage was made over 12 years ago, made of wood and steel, designed to be pulled with a miniature pony.   For several years my son Curtis and his kindergarten girl friend would parade through the streets of St. Paris during the annual Pony Wagon day Parade.

Moving forward several years,......My youngest daughter Jessica, is getting married and the planning begins. My goal was to make something memorable for her on her special day. At the time, I was driving from Ohio to Tennessee to operating a Drill Rig four- five days a week for about six months. While drilling, I would sketch small details of each part of the carriage. Finally, the sketch was completed and it was time to scale it up to life-size.  Having only basic tools, it was a challenge to make straight steel have a curve.  This required making a press and roll, which allowed these shapes to be made easier.  After many hours of welding, grinding and head scratching it was finally taking shape as the wedding date was getting very near. I remember the first day we rolled it out of the shop into the front lawn, bare metal with grind marks all over, It looked like something that one would see in a MadMax movie.  It was definitely ready to be painted! While we were busy painting our buddy Denny came over and picked up the seat blanks and started making the sparkly gold seats. The big day finally came and Jessy finally was able to see it finished, she cried and said she felt like a princess.  That made it all worth while...objective met. 

 Mary from Willow Wind Carriage and Limousine Service now owns #1 Cinderella, They used it commercially here in Ohio.  Since then, we have made several Cinderella Carriages that work daily in the commercial market.  We enjoy designing and building new carriages, feel free to bring your ideas and lets see what we can make you.